Angela lyn

Angela Lyn is an internationally known Anglo-Chinese visual artist who, for decades, pioneers her language derived from her Asian and western origins. Her paintings are a visible map of eastern and western cohesion that evolved over time and through her life experience. In 2020 Angela and Jesse began exploring ideas for a collaboration on a three-part project that started with In the blue, addressing our growing uncertainty in the face of climate change and its consequences. Unfortunately, the exhibition, held in Zurich at the Fabian & Claude Walter Gallery, was shut down due to Covid. In 2022, in Angela Lyn's major exhibition, On the Edge of Time, held in 25 rooms of the villa arconati Far, a Baroque palazzo near milan, Jesse and Angela explored further how combining artistic disciplines can enrich their work and the audience experience.
Chambers Art Farm, Salt point NY

We are invited to collaborate with Chambers Fine Art, New York, who represent Angela Lyn. Passage will be presented mid-May 2023 in the modern high-tech venue north of Manhattan. Designed by the renowned artist Ai Wei-Wei, the building sits in the middle of nature like a stranded whale. The evocative location lends itself well to this project.
Notes and Excerpts